We Build Children's I.Q., Skills, & Talents

What We Do?

Education Elevates Your Child in Life. In Ennyston, We Help Every Child Achieve The Best through The Following:

Enriched Blend of Local and International Curriculum

Engaging and Continually Improving Learning Experiences By Deploying a Superb Blend of Local and International Curriculum

Identify, Harness, and Maximize Innate Potentials

Engaging a variety of enrichment programs that will help towards identifying, harnessing and maximizing learners innate potentials

Value Based Activities and Programs

Engaging and exposing learners to series of value based activities and programs which are ideal for helping them develop good and strong morals and godly virtues.

Develop Social and Leadership Skills Through the use of Technology

Engaging learning activities through the use of technology, and such means that are useful for developing social and leadership skills and capacities of global relevance.


  1. Classroom competition

At Ennyston Schools, we have adopted the multi ability grouping for the preschool. We believe and expect that each child should be taught to his/her stage of learning and not his or her particular age. Young children especially, are developmentally diverse that age is not the most appropriate criteria for class composition, e. g. In any group of 4 years old there is likely to be a range of at least 2 years developmental difference. This philosophy reflects real life family and society groupings, where children of different ages work and play together, and learn from each other.

  1. Placement policy

The basic criteria for placement are the age of the child by the 1st of September, and the school’s assessment of the child during the admission process. However, other factors will also be considered, including maturity, previous educational experience, level of achievement and placement of siblings. The school reserves the right to place each child in the class deemed to be most appropriate and beneficial to child.

  1. Homework policy

Every student is issued with a Daily Communication Book. This contains: details of the school’s homework policy; the class timetable; and space for the daily homework assignments. We expect parents to supervise homework on a daily basis and sign the homework diary to signify that the child has completed the homework to the parent’s satisfaction. We expect the children to complete their homework by themselves under supervision and guidance of an adult; however, if a child does not understand the homework, we require that the adult in supervision communicate to the respective teacher for clarifications on expectation. If a child eventually could not engage the homework at all, or done but below expectation, the concept would be reviewed to help the child gain mastery, on return to school. In summary, Ennyston School frowns at parents/guardians or close relatives doing a child’s homework in their stead when the child either partially understands or totally do not understand a concept.